wallet-embossed-brown-front_150.png wallet-embossed-black-front_150.png wallet-embossed-black-inside_150.png

Embossed Leather

The textures of embossed leather can make a conservative wallet special.  These fine wallets are laced with genuine leather for fashion and functionality.  These wallets can be built of your choice of leather in whatever color you prefer.  Look at some of the styles below:


Price:  $29.00


wallet-floral-carved_150.jpg wallet-carved-leaves_150.jpg wallet-basket-stamped-gray_150.jpg wallet-basket-stamped-brown_150.jpg wallet-tooled-inside_150.jpg

Tooled Wallets

These wallets are hand carved and stamped, one-tool-at-a time.  Made from the best tooling leather, they are durable and attractive.  Choose from in-stock patterns or ask for custom artwork.  Only genuine leather lacing is used for the best result.





Stamped:   $44.00
Carved:   $47.00


wallet-with-closure-02_150.jpg wallet-with-closure-01_150.jpg wallet-with-closure-03_150.jpg

Wallet with Closure

Snap your wallet shut! Allan makes a variety of styles to suit even the most particular customer.  This wallet, with its natural colors and real leather braided lacing, combines art and security.  Other art can include stamping patterns, basketweave and monograms.  Naturally, all wallets include real leather interiors with your convenience in mind.


Price:  $47.00


wallet-tri-fold-01_150.jpg wallet-tri-fold-02_150.jpg wallet-tri-fold-03_150.jpg

Tri-fold Wallet

Carved and stamped patterns are available on the tri-fold wallets, which include calf or kangaroo lacing and well thought out leather insides.  Monograms are common requests.


Price:  $29.00